Magik Artz has the best jewelry & art designs that ladies who love bold & bright color & unique style adore. The designs currently are in the form of bold yet feminine statement and fun casual jewelry and jeweled & glittered original mini square canvas art as well as beautiful geodes.

My name is Kaitlyn Millet. Fashion is my passion and Art is my heart.
I have a love for being creative and designing jewelry and artwork that is bold and beautiful.
I love using lots of color or metallic shades. I love using feminine pastel colors as well as bright candy hues in my artwork and jewelry. 

My designs are all made by hand carefully with attention to detail and being mindful of current trends as well as classic elegance

My jewelry making days started in 2001 and I have been doing it ever since, but under a different name.The first beading “company” I kinda started when I was 12. It was called “On The Edge Beadery by Kaitlyn”. My sister helped me sell it at her work place and it was successful.

 I fell in love with Swarovski crystals and gemstones right away. Many aspects of my designs have evolved over the years and have been re-branded now as Magik Artz.

I started painting in 2011 and all I did was simply pick up the brush and start painting. Since then I have painted numerous paintings of all kinds and sizes and with different types of paint.I even use glitter and Swarovski crystals in my artwork. 

My favorite art to create is mini 4X4 collectible canvas paintings.I have something here I am sure you will love because if you don’t care for the items here, I can design a custom order for you for a very small extra fee. 

We also now offer beautiful geodes and precious rocks for sale.

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